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Pics of the newest addition to the family.

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Pics of the crazy, wonderful, cancer survivor, best companion dog ever.

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Pics of Mr. Big Head himself, the Aki Bear - the Zen master and the Zoolander of the dog world. Yep, he's calm, gorgeous, but none too bright.

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Azul Blue

Pics from our trip to Azul Blue resort, Labor Day 2007, in Tulum, Mexico

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Door County

Our trip to the Chanticleer Inn, late October, 2008

26 Photos

Zombie Crawl

Pics from the First Annual Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl

27 Photos


Nikos Goes in Circles
Niko Does Not Listen
Niko in Leaf Pile
Niko with Frizz
Niko Snow Bunny
Niko Snow Bunny2

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